Eight eco-friendly hostels

by Mary on September 30, 2006

by Mary | September 30th, 2006  

irishhostel.jpgHostel operators are growing increasingly aware of the need to conserve nature’s resources, according to the folks at Hostelworld. “As a result, there are more and eco-friendly hostels emerging around the world,” they say, and today they start with a list of eight.

The list also earned a spot in the New York Times Sunday travel section.

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David October 24, 2006 at 10:05 am

Check out http://www.bulungula.com and http://www.coffeeshack.co.za. The local communities have cooperative and equity partnership with these two lodges. They also both practise have varying degrees of eco-friendly practises. Bulungula, has composting toilets, solar electricity only, banana circles for waste water treatment etc.


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