Best Eco-Destinations

This being year’s end, seems like a good time to re-visit some posts you might have missed. Here are a few of my favorite Eco-destination stories.

South Africa’s wild coast offers beaches, forest, lagoons, rolling hills, dolphins, whales, you name it.

Egypt’s Red Sea coast… wind, sand, stars, and surf.

The mountains of Morocco are ready for eco-travelers.

argentina-iguazu.jpgArgentina has solar towns, national parks, hundreds of waterfalls, wildlife and scenery, plus ranks high as an ethical travel destination.

New Zealand has tree houses, sheep, incredible hiking trails, and miles of coastline to explore.

Here’s a smorgasbord of new natural protected areas to visit…. Ghana’s Upper Guinean Rainforest — one of the most biologically diverse ecosystems on the African continent — is disappearing at an alarming rate. Conservation International has worked to create a new national park: Kakum National Park, and all they need are tourists like you to go there. New parks in the Congo, too.

New parks in Brazil , Canada, and Colorado, and California also are waiting for you.