Find the road less traveled, with a Green Map

When you’re prepping for a trip, there’s nothing like a map to boost your powers of visualization. And if you’re just dreaming about a trip, a map will take you places you didn’t even know existed.

Green Maps are created by the people who actually live in a place. Some are elaborate — New York City has a whole series of green-apple maps on energy, neighborhoods, even composting — while some are pretty basic, or outdated. But you can browse the index of maps from around the world and get a different look at your destination.

You might not think of Los Angeles as an outdoorsy place to visit, but this hiker’s map could make you think twice. Give the rentacar a rest, take a walk, and spend some time when you’re not adding to the smog.

Google took a stab this summer at creating green travel maps. It’s a bit of a hit or miss effort, but hey, it’s a start.