Get on track with a train

sewardtrain.jpgRail travel is more energy efficient, and uses less fuel, than cars, airplanes, or buses, says Amtrak. It’s always been one of my favorite ways to go… you see more interesting places than you do from a freeway, you can relax and look out the window instead of worrying about traffic, it’s great. When we go to New York City, we always ride the train, even though it costs twice as much and takes longer than the bus. In Alaska, we rode the train from Anchorage to Denali, it was spectacular.

Amtrak says it has more green initiatives in the works — a more efficient Auto Train fleet that will save 640,000 gallons of fuel each year; converting a California engine with “Green Goat” technology that will cut fuel costs by 80 percent; and upgrading braking systems throughout the Amtrak fleet, which will reduce energy consumption by 8 percent.

If you need inspiration, ride along on this train trip from Chicago to New York, via youtube.