Go for Green Drinks, Make New Friends


One of the best things about traveling is the people you meet on the road… but meeting people other than fellow travellers, or workers in the travel industry, requires some extra effort. One strategy I’ve always liked is to get off the tourist road and connect with local groups or events in line with my interests. In London, I went to a meeting of the British Balloon and Airship Club, met other flyers, and ended up spending the weekend at a fairy-tale castle in the countryside, where balloons launched from the rolling green lawns.

For eco-travelers, a great place to meet locals is Green Drinks. Green Drinks International hosts once-a-month get-togethers for folks who work in the environmental field, or just have environmental interests. The events are casual, lively, welcoming. They will look after you and introduce you to everyone. It’s a force for good, now in 141 cities around the world. You can find directions and connect via email at the Green Drinks site.