Meet Mary

On a map of the world, Providence, Rhode Island, is just about halfway between the Equator and the North Pole, on the eastern shore of the U.S. That’s where you’ll find me. I’ve also lived in south Florida (where I learned to fly airplanes), Hawaii (master’s degree in geography), California (hot-air balloon pilot license), and Washington, D.C. (intern and editor at the National Geographic Society). No, I don’t have a trust fund, just a stubborn work ethic and too many dreamy ideas. Other travels include trips to Alaska, Arizona, Albuquerque (for the balloon fiesta), Vermont, Costa Rica, Canada’s Northwest Territories, a summer backpacking in Europe, sailing on a tall ship in the Caribbean, and tagging along aboard a research ship off the coast of Cape Cod. I’ve traveled by bus, airplane, train, and boat, and once got a ride in a blimp. These days, I’m a reporter for an online aviation newsletter (which includes annual trips to air shows in Florida and Wisconsin). I also teach courses in geography and environmental science, write freelance, and plot ways to see the rest of the big round planet. Clips etc. can be found at