Recycle your gear with GearTrade

Mika, bootsnall’s travel-gear maven, has been sending over some great ideas for travelers who want to have great stuff while helping to ensure we also have a great planet to go look at.

One of the best ways to reduce our use of natural resources (besides just consuming less) is to re-use and recycle everything we buy, to get the most bang for the least eco-impact.

Mika discovered GearTrade, “bringing outdoor freaks together to buy and sell gear.” The site is based in Utah, and offers closeouts as well as used gear, all at a fixed price (no auctions). If you don’t find what you need, tell the “GearDetective” what you’re looking for, and you’ll get an email when it’s listed on the site. Sellers are rated by buyers, like on eBay. There seem to be plenty of feedback mechanisms and buyer protections in place.

A great way to recycle your old gear when you upgrade.