Seven Things to Know About the Ocean

Yesterday I wrote about the ocean — a reminder that it’s a place in and of itself, and not just a wide empty thing to get across in an airliner, and worth spending some time to explore.

Which reminded me of the Ocean Literacy Campaign, which started a couple of years ago. The idea is that most people don’t think much about their oceans, despite the fact that they cover more than 70 percent of our planet. So here are the Seven Things You Should Know to be an ocean-literate person:

images-3.jpg1. Earth has one big ocean with many features.
2. The ocean and life in the ocean shape the features of Earth.
3. The ocean is a major influence on weather and climate.
4. The ocean makes Earth habitable.
5. The ocean supports a great diversity of life and ecosystems.
6. The ocean and humans are inextricably linked.
7. The ocean is largely unexplored.

More info:
A pdf pamphlet that expands on each of the 7 concepts.