The things we miss…

As humans overrun the planet, other things vanish, and our world is a lesser place for it. A sad thought for a Sunday morning, but true.

fire_flies.gifBrought on by an item in today’s news about an obscure colony of fireflies in Malaysia. Local boatmen earn cash taking tourists by canoe each night to the mangrove swamp at the mouth of the Selangor river, where huge colonies of the flashing, tree-dwelling beetles blink on and off in unison. The beetles have diminished by about 50 percent this year, apparently affected by thick haze drifting over the area from nearby forest fires. Some reports say they already have been lessening over the last few years, perhaps because of changes in the river due to dams being built upstream.

“Visitors who were seeing them for the first time did not know what they were missing,” says one boatman in today’s Reuters news story. That’s true about so much in our natural world. So get out there and see it now, before you miss anything more. And remember that’s why we do our part every day at home to slow down our impact on all the natural things we haven’t even seen yet.

Learn more about the species of Malaysian fireflies: ASEAN Review of Biodiversity