Tourism Concern Works with Tsunami Survivors

The Tsunami of 2004 was the biggest natural disaster in modern history. Coastal communities across Asia were devastated, many loosing their relatives, homes, villages and livelihoods. Since then survivors have been slowly rebuilding their lives and have relied on tourists coming back into tsunami affected areas, adding much needed cash to the local economy.

Unfortunately tourism also adds to their problems. While many of the displaced of Sri Lanka and India are yet to be rehoused, there are plans for tourist developments on prime real estate positions which means the locals may have to move in land and will no longer be able to continue with their beach-based livelihood.

Tourism Concern are now working with tsunami survivors to ensure developments consider the displaced while encouraging responsible tourism.

You can help improve the lives of those invlolved in the tsunami by visiting areas most affected by the disaster in Sri Lanka and India. Stay in family run hotels or with local people, eat at local restaurants and spend your money in the area.

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