Transitions Abroad’s Responsible Travel Tips

cover-1.jpgI remember discovering Transitions Abroad magazine back in my college days, and it’s still hard to spend any time on a college campus without coming across this travel mag. It’s always been aimed at the independent traveler, and I’ve consulted it often when planning my own trips. It’s sort of a grass-roots version of National Geographic, introducing you to places you never heard of, stoking your travel dreams, and a great practical resource. Today, TA released their annual Responsible Travel issue, and while I don’t have the whole issue yet, parts of it can be accessed online.

One interesting article offers advice on getting work experience during your travels. Start looking for work two months before you depart, advises Jean-Marc Hachey. And don’t just shoot for washing dishes… think about where you want to go in your professional life, and look for work that will help you to get there, even if it doesn’t pay much. The experience will be a great investment.

Another article well worth your time is “Good Travel is Thoughtful Travel,” by Rick Steves. Sometimes we all just need a break, and take off for sunny beaches or downhill skiing or a whitewater rafting trip. But we’re missing the best part of travel if we don’t also get out and explore what life is like for the other 6 billion people on the planet — Steves reminds us of that. A trip like that will change the way you see your home and your world for the rest of your life.

You can subscribe to TA for $20 (6 issues) or buy one issue for $6.50.

You can also immerse yourself in the TA Web site for free. It’s got a huge collection of info about working and living abroad, great ways to enhance and expand your travel experience.