Travel globally, eat locally

In the interests of living lightly on the planet, one of the best things each of us can do is to eat local foods. The upside… less gas-guzzling transport (most food we eat in the U.S. has traveled over 1,000 miles to reach our plates), a more diverse agricultural base, smaller-scale production that uses sustainable agricultural methods (fewer pesticides, less soil erosion). A bonus… more attention to quality, and fresher, tastier, healthier foods. (For more about why local food is such an important environmental choice, see this Worldwatch site.)

When traveling, seeking out local food is a pleasure and a treat. Who wants to be in San Francisco and eat at a chain restaurant? Who wants to go to Europe and eat American cuisine? Local food has character, individuality, flavor; it’s rich and rewarding.

Check out Treehugger’s review of Bordeaux Quay, a new “eco-gastronomic venture” in the U.K. city of Bristol. The restaurant promises to seek out fresh foods from small farmers, and to buy most of its ingredients from organic and sustainable farms within a 50-mile radius.