Travel in a familiar place

If eco-travel means paying attention to the unique characteristics of the place you visit — and I think that’s one of the things it means — then is it possible to be an eco-traveler in your own back yard?

img_3279_1.JPGI think it is. There are lots of places within a two-hour drive of your home base. Have you seen them all? Do you know all the trees and birds and animals that live in your neighborhood? Do you know all the stars, the tides, the seasons, the winds, the rocks, the rivers? Have you explored by bike, by boat, on foot, climbed the hills, watched the sunset?

The folks at New American Dream say vacation doesn’t have to mean travel… we BootsnAll types might disagree with that, but their ideas for taking a vacation at home might work for those weekends when the boots can’t go wandering. Turn off the TV and the phone, they say. Pick up a book and sit in the sun. Cook a nice meal, go apple picking, play a game, have a party. And go someplace new, even when you can’t get away.