Travel Like Royalty, Take The Train

It’s not every day you see the Queen of England taking the train but last week, for an official engagement, Queenie and Prince Philip took the morning train to work, like everyone else.

Every year the Royal Family spends winter at Sandringham, their country retreat in Norfolk, England, and would ordinarily attend public engagements by chauffeur driven car or by helicopter, a mode of transport popular with celebrities and politicians.

But now, with all the commotion about climate change and pollution, it seems that even those on the throne are keen make an example and are travelling more frequently by train; and with commoners too if you please.

Last Thursday, 9th Jan, they embarked on the first-class trip from King’s Lynn to London King’s Cross with just a detective and a private secretary. The round-trip cost the not-so-princely sum of just £41 but if they’d investigated a little further they could have saved a few quid. A spokeswoman for train company First Capital Connect said, “They’re both entitled to a senior citizens’ rail card and if they’d had one of those, they could have done it for £27.30.”

An aide said of the Royals, “They are always weighing up the different options for travel.” He didn’t mention whether this was because even the Queen and Duke of England dread the idea of sitting in gridlocked traffic on the M25 for three hours.

Nevertheless, good on them for showing willing. The Monarchy may be as old as the hills, and not everyone may agree with them being in state, but at least they’re trying to move with the times, unlike many of the politicians who rarely practice what they preach.