Travel Responsibly in South America

Sustainable travel and responsibility are definitely two of the main travel trends for the past years. We all know that our planet is hurting both from global warming and the effects of developing areas for travel (and , in general, for supporting human life).

Along with finding the cheapest tickets to South America for your next vacation, it is also important to do some research and understand what you should in order to travel responsibly.

When you plan your vacation, make sure to look for eco-friendly accommodation. If you choose one of the South American national parks , look for low-impact accommodation. In Chile, for example, the Torres del Paine National Park in Chile is home to some dome-like structures, a design inspired by the huts of the nomadic Kawesqar people who used to traverse the land. The electricity used is generated from the sun and wind. You can also find eco-friendly accommodation in many other national parks. They are usually without air conditioning and the water is heated with solar energy.

When you travel, support the local economy. Choose the local tour companies and don’t forget to shop in the markets. It’s cheaper, ecological and you help the locals.

Avoid flying and choose to travel by bus. In the cities or whenever possible, rent a bike instead of using the public transport. Trekking and climbing are also excellent ways to protect the environment (as long as you know how to protect the nature). Camping can save money and protect the environment.

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