Welcome to the BootsnAll Eco Travel Logue!

Green is blazing hot. From hybrid cars to fair-trade chocolate to grass-fed beef, consumers are in search of products that protect nature and play fair with their fellow humans. Travel is no different. You can buy “carbon offsets” to cancel out the global-warming pollutants emitted by your airline travel miles (but should you?). Vendors offer eco-tours, and lodges promise to be fair to their workers and beneficial to nature (but are they?).

Here at the Eco Travel Logue we’ll cast a critical green eye on all of these topics, and scour the travel-news for interesting tidbits. But there’s more to being an eco-traveler than making sound choices about buying stuff. There’s the fun part — getting to know the trees and birds and clouds and rivers that you run across everywhere you go. The part where you get to look around you and see things you never saw before.

So, let’s go!