About Eco Travel Logue

About Eco Travel Logue

Eco Travel Logue is part of the BootsnAll Travel Network. Focusing on Eco Travel (aka ecotourism) it’s updated daily with advice and tips on how to help keep your travel experience as low impact as possible. We also showcase new eco travel companies and products.

About the Author

Hi there, my name is Linda McCormick and I’d like to welcome you to Eco Travel Logue, your one-stop Ecotourism Travel Guide where you’ll find the latest tales, news and views on eco-friendly and responsible travel.

I was born and bred in Northern Ireland, which was cool. Well, when I say cool, I mean mostly cold. And wet. I craved sunnier climes and so when, at the tender age of 13, on a backpacking trip around Switzerland, I was bitten by the travel bug I didn’t try too hard to shake it off.

As soon as I was able I booked a round-the-world ticket and set off through South East Asia, Australia, New Zealand and America for a year with £52 and four credit cards – not to be advised. After laying down roots in London I soon mustered together enough pennies to add the Middle East to the list before realising I’d soon have to get a proper job to pay off the debts but it never stopped me travelling. It was also when I was very thankful for a portable career in nursing, one of the best jobs to have if you’re determined to see the world.

On my travels I’d spend days in rickety restaurants and sea shanties penning adventures from the trip, resulting in book-sized letters home, journals and ideas for future articles. I’ve been diving with sharks, surf really badly, would like to sail around the Indian Ocean one day and continually threaten to move to Barcelona.

While travelling I became more aware of the various negative impacts of globetrotting and the importance of ecotourism and responsible travel. They’re not new concepts but are only really being taken seriously now. The Ecotourism Travel Guide aims to provide the resources to allow the nomads of the world to become more eco and culturally aware through responsible travel. Now, I’m not here to bang on about eco travel with a holier-than-thou attitude in an attempt to save the world but I do, like you if you’re reading this, have an uncanny affection for this liddle ol’ earth. It has more to offer than the mother-of-all lucky dips so I have a tendency to want to make sure it’s around for future generations; they need to know what I’m yapping on about in years to come. Until then I’ve got to stick to my real job, writing and editing, forever planning the next trip.

I also write green living, culinary and eco travel features for Suite 101.com, have produced and edited a number of critical contact travel guides for Fisher’s Travel SOS in the guise of Managing Country Editor (UK) and regularly contribute to Scarlet Magazine, where I was previously Assistant Editor. Other clients include View London, My Village, The Helium Foundation, Colures Magazine and In The Park, the National Parks of Scotland Magazine.