An eco-friendly Swiss ski resort

whitepod2.jpgWhen I was driving home through the Vermont mountains last weekend, I got caught in a snow flurry, just a windblown rush of white, and then it was over. But winter in full will be here soon, and for skiiers, that’s great news.

If you’d like your snow adventure to come with green credentials, WhitePod resort in the Swiss Alps is about as green as you can get. Their Web site suggests you travel by train to get there. Or you can fly in to the Geneva airport and from there take a train to Aigle, about an hour away. The journey is very scenic, mostly along Lake Geneva, surrounded by impressive mountain ranges. The resort runs a twice-a-day shuttle from the train station to the mountain. Since they can accommodate only 20 visitors, that’s plenty.

Once arrived, you’ll find no hotels, no crowds. Just high summits, absolute silence, and deep fresh snow. You’ll stay in a pod, heated by a wood stove and lit by petrol lamps. The furniture in the pods is either made from recycled materials or manufactured with sustainable Swiss wood. The waste generated by the camp is recycled. Bath facilities are located in the Alpine chalet.

All that roughing it, though, comes with plenty of luxury to make up for it. The staff starts your day with hot coffee delivered to your pod, and makes sure your path is clear and the woodstove is burning when you come home after a day on the slopes. Meals are served in the chalet, and you can get a massage there too. Activities include backcountry skiiing, dogsledding, snowshoeing, paragliding, and night skiing.

The season opens December 15.