Chile’s non-tourist destination – Above, the Andes. Below, the beach.

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At Heulmo, “un destino no turistico,” not only are there no tourists, there is no TV, internet, phone, bars, no jacuzzi, and no restaurants. You can buy fresh-baked bread from Senora Laura, who lives nearby, other neighbors will sell you fresh salmon and eggs, and you can relax by swimming in the ocean, which is right outside the door of your cabin… one of only three rustic cabins for travellers in this seaside town. The operator promises to recycle, take care of the ecosystem, and respect the local culture.

According to “america,” who visited Heulmo and posted at our BootsnAll Eco-Travel forum this week:

“I had the experience, because villagers don´t depend on tourism, and you can feel it. So the relationship with them is not based on commercial, on sell-buy, no, no . And I really liked it, it is easier to talk with the locals about how to fish, or native trees´ name, or how to harvest potatoes…wonderful experience to remember.”

Lots more info at the Huelmo Web site, in English or Spanish.