ECO Travel Trailer, Eco Friendly RV

If you prefer caravanning over hostels and hotels check out the Skamper Eco Travel Trailer. Weighing only 3000lbs, the latest light-weight mobile home is a great idea if you plan to cover large distances on vacation. All you have to do is lock the trailer on to the tow bar and sashay off to the sunshine.

Eco-RV are marketing it as a more ecologically-friendly mode of transport saying the seven-foot wide trailer is aerodynamically designed to reduce wind drag, thus increasing fuel economy but that’s pretty much where the green gear ends.

Inside it has all the usual mod-cons and trimmings of a normal caravan without trying too hard to make it environmentally-friendly, so it seems to be more of a gimmick than a greener way to travel. When people see the word ‘ECO’ these days, they assume that it’s ecologically sound, ECO, the brand, seems to be playing to others good will. But then again, I haven’t managed to check it out in the flesh so am open to correction.

And, just secretly, it does look quite cool, in a nerdy caravan enthusiast kind of way.