Natural and Kind luxury travel guide launches

A new luxury concierge travel company has launched just in time for the holidays. Nature and Kind market themselves as The Natural Choice and they do indeed have some fab holidays to choose from but the jury’s out as to whether they’re really eco-friendly.

With thanks to Nature and Kind

A two week stay on Fiji includes volunteering with building and repair works in the local community or building a house for a poor farming family. This all sounds great but would it not be better for the family and community if they were given the funds, training and equipment to be able to build and repair things themselves? It’s great that people want to do something but there’s a fine line between truly helping people or making yourself feel better.

Another of their holidays offers a chance to stay with the Xavante People in Etenhiritipá village, Brazil, as part of the Wazu´ri´wá Project. This project was instigated by the tribespeople in an effort to retain their heritage and lifestyle. Visitors don’t stay in the village but are put up nearby and are only involved in village life if one of the indigenous guides are present. Now that’s more like it.

Check them out at and let me know what you think.