The Future of Traveling is Eco

Last summer I wrote an article about the future of traveling. Like I said then, I consider that the future of traveling is eco; we can already buy cars which work on electrical power only (or hybrids) , we can stay in eco-hotels, we choose to travel by train because it has less impact on the environment than flying…

Probably a bit too late we’ve figure out that our future is eco. We cannot continue to exist as a species unless we don’t do our best to keep our planet healthy. But, we still want to travel and discover new places and culture.

For the eco-conscious traveler, planning a vacation includes to struggle to not affect the environment too much (if at all). Want to travel to Bali for your honeymoon? Or maybe you’ve already made a list of the must-see temples in Bali ? Then, along with looking for cheap flights to Bali , how about looking for a rather different hotel this time?

Introducing the eco-hotels in Bali … the idea behind an eco-hotel is also to conserve and enhance the areas close to the accommodation. That’s, for example, the concept behind the Puri Lumbung Cottages, where the people of Munduk village are involved as much as possible in caring for the guests. Another plus of such eco-hotels is that most of them have their gardens and everything served is fresh and organic. Others offer the possibility to practice yoga.

Eco-hotels come in many forms and are part of our desire to travel responsibly, protecting the areas we visit. Eco-tourism also aims to educate the traveler and directly benefits the economic development of the area.

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