UK Youth Hostels Win Green Awards

Green travel is not just for high-end globe-trotters. Two youth hostels are the first tourist accommodations in the U.K. to win top awards from the European Union for their efforts to use resources efficiently. The hostels, Langdon Beck and Lockton, both in the northern regions, were awarded the European Ecolabel in May.

U.K. Environment and Climate Change Minister Ian Pearson said: “I am delighted that the first awards in the UK have been won by the Youth Hostels Association, which has always been at the forefront of providing opportunities for everyone to appreciate the outstanding natural environment of our countryside.”

To win the award, both hostels had to show that they met the highest modern standards in every aspect of their impacts on the environment — from efficient use of energy and water through to staff training about green issues.

Ewan Boyd, YHA environment manager, said: “The Ecolabel Flower Scheme is based on a really rigorous set of environmental criteria. Guests can rest assured that in achieving this award, YHA Langdon Beck and Lockton provide the very highest standards of green tourist accommodation. … This represents a key milestone in our development of a network of “Green Beacon” centres as the YHA aims to become a national leader in green tourism.”

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