Video Love To Share

It’s Friday, and here in Providence the sun is shining and the forecast is for 60 degrees. This probably won’t happen again more than once or twice in the next six months, so I’m heading outside with my bike. Remember, eco-travelling doesn’t always require long-term plans and packed bags. Most of us still have plenty of exploring to do in our back yards (quick, name 10 birds, 10 trees, and all the rivers that live within 10 miles of you!)….

But, for those of you who aren’t playing outside but instead browsing on your computer, here are a couple of video sites that offer you a few virtual outdoor moments. These two come via our pals at Treehugger, who named them both as “favourite greens of the week.”


Earth Sanctuary is 72 acres of old-growth forest, birds, and quiet on an island just outside Seattle. You can visit for the day or you can stay overnight in the retreat house and just hang around with all that nature. Take a video tour of this “meditation park” and see how it suits you.

Terra Videos is not a real place but an online laboratory where independent filmmakers share their visions of nature, science, and the world at large. Current picks include a look at saving the dolphins (really!), clips from the recent Bioneers conference, and a report on threats to California’s wild salmon.