Wow… Fly With the Birds, In the Himalayas


Here’s a unique travel experience… fly in a tandem paraglider, while huge hawks fly along with you, in the midst of remote Himalayan valleys.

The tour company calls it a first in aviation history — I’m pretty dubious of “firsts” and “onlies,” but it’s for sure I’ve never heard of anyone else doing it.

First, experienced falconers/bird handlers show you how to handle the trained birds of prey. Then you travel by jeep to Sarangkot, the Parahawking take-off site. You will then be fitted into your harness and launch with a tandem pilot, following a trained Pariah Kite and other wild raptors. Your Kite will guide you to the thermals and will come to you when you call.

Sunrise Paragliding says it is committed to responsible tourism, giving jobs to local people, buying supplies locally, and working to protect and safeguard the fragile biodiversity and cultural integrity of Nepal. Go to their Web site for more info.