Apply Now for the Best Job in the World

hamilton island

OK, so you might have already heard about this, but if you haven’t, sit up and take note, this really is the job of a lifetime.

Queensland Tourism is looking for an ambassador and caretaker for Hamilton Island, which is part of the stunning Whitsunday Islands. The role lasts for six months and pays a ridiculous amount of money – AUD$150,000 – for doing nothing, practically.

Billed as ‘The Best Job in the World’, candidates for this rare position will be required to, well, enjoy themselves. The job description entails working around 12 hours a month, having to write a blog entry once a week, go snorkelling, swimming and diving as much as is humanely possible and attend the odd Tourism Queensland bash. Oh, and speaking English would come in handy.

hamilton island

The job was advertised on January 13 in over 18 countries. It hit the headlines in England on the morning of the 13th and within an hour the job’s website had collapsed, unable to cope with the traffic. Up to 160,000 people clicked on the link, no doubt to check if it was the real deal rather than to apply, which caused the failure, but it’s now up and running again and taking submissions.

Check out the website and what you need to do to get appointed. Closing date for applications is February 22. Only 11 people will be shortlisted and flown to Australia for the last part of the interview process, which involves some fun stuff, by the sounds of it. Expect some fierce competition though; this is a job everybody wants!

Good luck.

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