Green Gear For Guilt-Free Giving

So the Christmas holidays are upon us, and you’re wondering what to buy that will be welcomed by your giftee and good for the Earth? For green travelers, there are lots of options.

For traveling in the outdoors, you need boots, tents, binoculars, but you don’t need to pay full price for any of it. Check out BudgetTravel’s quicky guide to discount Web sites.

joby_gorillapod.jpgYou also need camera gear. Here’s a cool item to help you get that unique shot — the gorrillapod, a sturdy but bendy tripod that you can wrap around a tree branch. And it comes in “environmentally friendly packaging,” plastic-free. via: popgadget.

Gift cards are great for ensuring that your gift doesn’t end up in a landfill. Many airlines let you buy gift certificates by the mile or by the dollar. Here’s a sampling of what’s available, via

And for the person who really doesn’t need anything, World Wildlife Fund invites you to “adopt” a wild animal. You get a certificate, and for $50 and up, a plush likeness of the adopted animal, so there’s something for you to wrap.

buffalo_lg.jpgAnother great gift program is offered by Heifer International. Your gift provides livestock to poor families, to help them become self-reliant.

Your local environmental groups probably could use a donation, too, and that might mean more to your green friend or relative than just another scarf-and-glove set. They might offer a hiking trip or other event in return for your bucks. Here in R.I., Save The Bay offers seal-watching boat trips in the winter, that’s a great gift.

And don’t forget to support your local green economy. The money you spend on local foods, local art, museum memberships, all pays off in supporting a better community.

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