10 Green Gift Ideas for Travellers 2007

Need last minute Christmas gift ideas for the vagabond in your life? Or do you just fancy treating yourself this festive season? Take a gander at Eco Travel’s green gift list for travellers to get some ideas.

Steel Water Carrier


Eco-conscious travellers would prefer not to contribute to the growing mountains of plastic water bottles erupting across the planet so why not treat them to a refillable stainless steel water bottle? The ultra-lightweight and toxin free, non-leaching container comes with a choice of loop, flat, or sports drinking caps and is small enough to fit into any backpack.
$17.95, Kleankanteen.com

Hydro-Photon’s SteriPEN


One of Eco Travel’s favourite travel tools is the handy Steripen. It’s light, easy-to-use and will help avoid unwanted bouts of Delhi Belly, which on the road can be a right pain in the butt, quite literally. This portable water purifier uses ultraviolet light to destroy waterborne microbes from all sources of water. When the pen’s liquid sensor detects water the UV light comes on, purifying the liquid within seconds. So it doesn’t matter if you’re hiking the Himalayas or camping in the Amazon you can get safe drinking water anywhere you go.
$69, Amazon.com

Code Green Book

Code Green

It’s difficult to know what to choose for vagabonding friends; they’ve been everywhere and have all the travel accoutrements you can think of so if you’re at a loss as what to get them this year, look no further. Lonely Planet has recently published The Code Green Book which lists 100 eco-wise travel ideas to encourage responsible travel, from budget backpacking to lavish luxury. If their favourite website is Eco Travel Logue, they need one of these.
$10.00, LonelyPlanet.com

Solar Charger

Solio Charger

Travellers these days aren’t satisfied with an hour of BBC World Service, oh no, nowadays they’ll have a tri-band radio, digital camera, mobile phone, MP3 player, laptop, kitchen sink… well, maybe not the latter but it’s a wonder people don’t try and lug it along. For all these travel luxuries, or essentials some would say, batteries of some sort or needed to power them but buying them abroad can be a real drain on the funds. The answer? A solar powered charger. Open and spread the solar panels, place them in direct sunlight and you’ll have enough free power to fully charge your MP3 player and mobile phone.
$99.95, Solio.com

Recycled iPod Carry Case

tread rocket

There aren’t many travellers trotting the globe without a portable music player of their choice. To protect the most popular travelling companion on its travels treat it to a carry case handmade from recycled Colombian truck tyres. The splashproof, easily-cleaned cover will be the envy of the MP3 travelling world.
£23.95 ($48.33), NigelsEcoStore.com

Greenpeace Giving

Protect a Pacific yellowfin

This Christmas Greenpeace has every gift an eco-warrior could desire, from a handy pair of handcuffs for those dicey demonstration days to donations for the protection of Pacific yellowfin tuna stocks. My favourite though has got to be for the armchair activist (which, let’s face it, most of us are); just donate $40 and Greenpeace will ensure your contribution will help change the world. Not sure it’ll be saved in a day but at least this way you won’t get arrested trying.
From AUD$10 (US$8.50) to AUD$500 (US$430), Greenpeacegiving.org.au

Dinner Set for 1

Kathmandu Poly Carbonate Plate Set

Campers will appreciate this set of polycarbonate utensils. Durable, easy to pack and light to carry; Kathmandu’s eco-friendly collection includes a small plate, large plate, cup and cutlery.
AUD$39 (US$34), Kathmandu.com.au

Carbon Offset Gift Pack

Climate Relief - CO2 offset gift pack

The Climate Relief Pack has been created in conjunction with the UK’s Science Museum to help promote the need to reduce carbon emissions. This starter pack represents 100kg of carbon dioxide and includes a certificate from the EU Emissions Trading Scheme and pointers on how to lead a greener life. Not bad for the price.
£19.95 (US$40), Alt-gifts.com

Freeplay EyeMax Wind Up Radio

Freeplay EyeMax AM/FM LED Radio

Stay in touch with civilisation no matter where you are with a solar powered radio. When the sun goes down recharge the radio by manually winding it up. The fully charged battery will last up to 25 hours at normal volume.
$49.99 Amazon.com

Travel Diary

Gessato Journal

No one should leave home without a journal to record their travels, stuff flyers into, draw pictures or stick photos. There are hundreds available in various sizes and colours but seeing as the US alone goes through 100 million tons of paper a year, buying a journal made from 100% recycled waste will save a few trees and ensure there’s something to write about for all those who travel in our footsteps.
$13.00, Peacefulvalleygreetings.com