Happy Roo Year!

Happy 2008!

I thought I’d bring in the New Year with a fart. Oh, excuse me, an eco fart – that makes it alright.

No I’ve not had one too many celebratory champers (although I wish I had). I’m imparting some very useful information I discovered just recently.

You may have once thought that the only exciting thing to come out of the kangaroo world was Skippy, the bush kangaroo, well think again. Thanks to four gruelling years of research in Queensland, Australia, scientists have found that roos produce eco farts. Yep, that’s right; they let off (‘scuse the pun) environmentally friendly farts.

Researchers have found that kangaroo farts don’t contain methane, a greenhouse gas more damaging than carbon dioxide. They believe roos could teach cows a thing or two – cows produce bucket loads of methane – and are talking off adding the bacteria they isolated in the kangaroos stomach to cattle feed in an attempt to make cows more eco friendly and I guess, socially acceptable.

Instead, kangaroos produce acetate which aids digestion. Scientists say cattle feed laced with the roo bacteria would result in, not only greener livestock, but also faster growing and more fertile cattle.

Sounds glorious but do you remember the last time cows were fed bits of other animals? There was an outbreak of CJD aka Mad Cow Disease. Cows aren’t kangaroos, they’re meant to have methane farts. Maybe if cattle weren’t bred in the sheer numbers they are now there’d be less methane making a mess of the climate. Yes, I’d have to eat less meat but I think, given the alternative, even I could live with that.