The sound of where you go

walljasper_chicago_festival.jpgEvery place we travel has its own look, its own smells, its own taste and feel, and its own music. Chicago has a different sound from New Orleans. Jamaica, Greece, Italy, anyplace you go, will have its own musical landscape.

In the current issue of Terrain (“A journal of the built & natural environments”), Jay Walljasper explores the power of music to evoke a sense of place.

An excerpt:
“This summer I got another surprising lesson in musical geography. I have never cared much for the pop music I hear non-stop in Greek restaurants and groceries… But coming back from several weeks in Greece, I’ve had a change of heart. … It may have been the wine, the intense sun or the casually seductive soul of Greece but this music now stirs something in my soul. The most likely explanation is that now I have a distinct and beguiling place with which to associate it.”

Read it at Terrain.