Books and Guides

travel-guides.jpgIf the travel bug has managed to wriggle under your skin no doubt you’ll have sagging shelves loaded with scruffy, dog-eared, overused travel guides and even though you haven’t been to any of the destinations for years you like to keep the books on show anyway just to remind you of a fantastic travel trip or story – or just because you need to show off what a traveller you are when people visit. Yes, other people do it too.

To read perchance to dream

Books and guides are as much a part of travel as the experience itself. They offer advice, tips and ideas but mostly they offer the chance to dream. How many times do you walk past the travel section in the local bookshop and lustfully gaze at the numerous guide books of places you’ve never been to and probably never will but always live in hope. And you know the only way to avoid this terrible pull is by investing in at least three books of destinations that you intend to visit at some point in your lifetime and when you look at them ten years later still sitting forlornly on your bookcase shelf you remember how desperately you once wanted to go there but forgot all about them on your next trip to the book shop because by that stage you’d decided on three altogether different experiences. Yep, you’re not the only one.

Eco Travel Logue reviews

So, to save you wasting your precious time and money and influence your dreaming time Eco Travel Logue will regularly review travel guides and books so you don’t have to. But, obviously, they will have a green slant so I’m afraid if you’re after a top travel guide on holidays to oil rigs in the most over fished areas of the world it’s advisable to look elsewhere.

We can however offer links to some of the travel guides and books we have already reviewed:

Introduce you to new guides:

And will frequently produce our own mini guides to specific destinations:

Check out the regions you’re interested in for more destination specific information.