Daily Dose 09.18

From a tiny island off the coast of Maine, to Scotland and India, eco-travel is a hot topic.

A recent commentary piece by travel writer Frank Bures in Mother Jones magazine explores the concept of ethical travel. “Ethical travel can be summed up in one word,” says one proponent. “Awareness.” Says another: “The ethical trip is the trip where money goes back into the local environment and helps people really come out of poverty.” A good intro if you’re not quite sure what green/ethical/sustainable travel is all about.

Outpost, Canada’s travel magazine, explores the ins and outs of volunteering overseas. The package includes trip-planning advice, profiles of programs and volunteers, and some educational options.

Sustainable tourism has never been without controversy. Here’s a view from India, warning that great ideas in concept don’t always play out so well in the real world.

The Royal Botanic Garden in Edinburgh, Scotland, will host a debate on the environmental impact of vacation travel on Thursday, October 19. Here’s a preview of what they’ll be talking about.

And here’s yet another term to add to the alt-travel lexicon: “experiential tourist.” That’s what they’re calling travelers to Maine who actually want to get out of their cars and do something. The folks of little Sears Island are seeing it as a way to grow their economy while meeting their conservation goals.