Daily Dose 09.22

It’s an “eco-dream”…. creating a $1.5-billion eco-friendly town on the north coast of Australia, where cars will be replaced by electric buggies, and where travelers can access pristine beaches and remote national parks…. the project was unveiled today.

Off-road vehicles are now banned from 222 square miles in Utah’s badlands, to protect two rare species of cactus…

punawai.jpgSeed Magazine’s sustainable traveler, Marijke Wilhelmus, found a “living machine” at a resort on Hawaii’s Big Island, designed to support native plants and animals and keep the water clean. I have faith that this a solid project that benefits the local ecosystems, because the guy in charge of it, David Chai, went to school with me at UH Manoa. He grew up on the Big Island and is devoted to protecting it. Read more about David and his work here (scroll down to page 2).