Daily Dose 09.25

Lots of good stuff today…

Camping takes you close to nature, and it’s fun and kid-friendly besides. Newsweek offers an online primer for newbies….

Today’s Belfast Telegraph offers 10 excellent tips for seeing the world while saving the planet…

banff.jpgCheck out some gorgeous pictures from the 2006 winners of the Banff Mountain Photography competition (the pik here is just one of many)….

Over in the U.K., angst over airline pollution is really intensifying. The Bishop of London even called it “a symptom of sin” to blithely jet around oblivious of the global-warming consequences. Thus Rough Guides and Lonely Planet both are advocating “fly less, stay longer,” which does seem like a good idea….

A staffer at Rough Guides describes his own green conversion moment

An excellent story in today’s Christian Science Monitor explores the confusing choices that ethical travelers must navigate

New eco-tours are being developed for remote regions of Papua New Guinea.