Go Green on St Patrick’s Day

happy-st-patricks-day.jpgToday’s the day when the world and his wife want to be Irish. For something that started out as a Holy Day of Obligation for Irish Catholics (they are obliged to attend mass to honour their patron saint) it’s ironic the day has evolved into a global day of unholy madness and mayhem for anyone who has a speck of Irish blood in them, who once visited Ireland or one day touched someone who knew an Irish person. With much of the original meaning lost or forgotten around the world, Paddy’s Day is now no more than an excuse to party.

And with the parties comes ‘the drink’. Gallons of it. So to the honour this day in more green ways than one, no matter where you’re celebrating around the globe, here’s an eco-guide to responsible drinking from Slate‘s Brendan Koerner.

To add to the greener than green eco theme, check out Organic Mania’s 10 Tips for an Eco-Friendly St Patrick’s Day.