How Green a Traveller Are You?

Everybody loves a quiz; well most people do. They’re perfect for those lovely lazy days that seem to be so infrequent, for when you’re procrastinating about starting work/study/home-reno or for people with obsessive-compulsive-online-quiz-disorder; so here’s a quick eco travel quiz I found on the Guardian’s Travel pages for you. I was scouring for news, honest.

Quiz: How Green a Traveller Are You?

To prove that I do indeed practice what I preach, my next break happens to be a four-hour drive away but not to a country cottage as mentioned in the quiz, no, we’re going camping and canoeing in Lower Glenelg National Park (pictured) on the Victoria/South Australia border and will be rowing to our campsite every night. It’s cold and they have stupidly-sized big spiders. Ah, the things I do for Eco Travel.

Lower Glenelg National Park

Photo Credit: Parks Victoria