The Times’ Green Spaces Travel Awards, 2008

Meadow Shropshire Union CanalAlways wanted to have your say about green travel? Well, now’s your chance, and you could win a copy of Alaister Sawday’s Green Places to Stay for your troubles.

Leading UK newspaper, The Times, has launched Green Spaces, a new award for green travel. Travellers are asked to nominate a favourite Green Space that they have encountered on holiday in the UK or abroad and nominations are accepted from anywhere in the world.

They’re looking for any place that has impressed with its environmental and social credentials, such as a hotel or villa, a park, a beach, a city, an area of natural beauty, a restaurant, a bar, a method of transport, a tour or holiday.

Nominations can be for anywhere in the world, but the judges are especially interested to hear about UK destinations. You’re allowed to nominate each place only once, but can nominate more than one place, and you have until 1 September 2008 to do so.

Good luck.

The launch article is quite entertaining too. I especially like Kathleen Wyatt’s (Travel Editor at The Times) frank views on green travel. She’s not at all afraid of saying it how it is, which happens so seldom in this sometimes OTT eco-conscious age:

“For my part, I’m not a tree-hugging greenie. I recycle, but then I work in a newspaper. I don’t have a car, but I fly. I care passionately about how we treat the planet, but I can’t abide all the holier-than-thou greenwash that forces us to behave in a certain way.

Budget airlines that opt you into a tree-saving scheme make me resentful before I even take off (even though I would happily pay towards reforesting chunks of South America). The thought of all those slick politicians and oily businessmen elbowing each other to jump on the green bandwagon makes me nauseous.

Yet they make a difference: every initiative has its value, even if it just irritates you enough to make you talk about it.”

Hear, hear, Ms Wyatt.