Bike & Hike

morocco_in_a_line.jpgTwo biking stories today…

BikeHike Adventures organizes high-energy tours that include biking, hiking, rafting, sea kayaking, horseback riding, and even hot-air ballooning (in Turkey). The company adheres to sustainable-tourism practices and welcomes singles, promising to match you with a same-gender fellow traveler or give you a private room at no extra charge. Tours are 12 travelers max. Besides Turkey, you can bike&hike in Costa Rica, Chile, Morrocco, Thailand, and more. They also offer volunteer adventures in Nicaragua and Thailand.

Can BootsnAll’s Independent Traveler types stoop to signing on to a group tour? I think if it’s a small-scale, outdoorsy group, it can take you to places you might not find on your own, and break up a long solo or couple’s trip with some new faces. Plus it’s relaxing to have all your meals and where to sleep all taken care of for a few days. When I spent a summer backpacking around Europe, I joined a 10-day tour to travel into the Arctic regions of Scandanavia, and really enjoyed it. We camped on the tundra, hiked in the forests, saw lots of caribou and mountains and coastline, swam in the Baltic Sea, sweated in a sauna, partied under the midnight sun.

via: Washington Post