Destination — Ghana

kakum1.jpegSometimes you don’t really need to worry if the shampoo in your room comes in nasty little plastic containers, or if the maids have washed too many pillowcases — in plenty of places, simply going there as a traveler can make a huge difference, by helping to create an economically viable alternative to mowing down nature to extract its resources.

One such place is Ghana, where the Upper Guinean Rainforest — one of the most biologically diverse ecosystems on the African continent — is disappearing at an alarming rate. Agricultural expansion, growing settlements, and timber extraction have already claimed more than 80 percent of the forest’s original expanse. To combat further losses, Conservation International has worked with a range of national and international partners to create an effectively managed and sustainable new national park: Kakum National Park. But it won’t be economically sustainable unless people go there.

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