Destination: Kenya

In honor of Geography Awareness Week, I’ll write about eco-destinations in Africa this week.

kenya1.jpgKenya is one of the most familiar places in Africa, thanks to stories by Hemingway, movies like “Out of Africa,” and the famous Serengeti wildlife. EcoTourism Kenya was established about 10 years ago to promote sustainable and ecologically friendly tourism there. Their Web site provides a list of guidelines for visitors and a list of 28 eco-rated lodges. You can also read about the Suswa tourism group, working to open up remote areas to campers and explorers, where you can escape the group-tour crowds.

kenya.jpgIf you’ve been turned off by the idea of “eco-tours” where you get loaded into a bus to tour a game camp with crowds of other tourists, you might prefer a place like Rekoro Camp. Here you can stay in the Rift Vally and hike in search of wildlife with experienced local guides. Tents use solar power and kerosene lamps.

Need some inspiration to start dreaming about your African eco-tour? Netflix has 66 movies if you search on Africa. Plenty of wildlife documentaries, and some old classics like The African Queen and Hatari, with John Wayne. Hatari is a pretty hokey film but the scenes of African people and wildlife have real drama and authenticity. Netflix also has a 2005 film called “Geldof in Africa” that looks interesting, promising a personal and current journey through Africa’s realities.