Eco-Travel Destination — Discover Argentina’s Solar Towns, National Parks

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The folks at Ethical Traveler recently ranked the “Best Ethical Travel Destinations,” and Argentina was at the top of the list … well, OK, it was there because it starts with “A,” not because it ranked highest, but nonetheless, it’s a short list and Argentina is on it. “Argentina has a vast array of natural wonders: from glaciers in the Andes to pre-Columbian villages in the North,” say Jeff Greenwald and Kiran Auerbach. The country has low overall CO2 emissions, is making steady progress in energy efficiency, and has a policy of signing eco-friendly international treaties. Education and social development rank high.

So what is there for an eco-traveler to see and do in Argentina? For starters, there are “solar towns” to visit in the northern parts of the country, according to treehugger. A German research group called EcoAndina has put together a couple of tours that bring travelers into the Puna plateau region in the northwest of the country, to visit the various eco-projects there. Projects to install solar energy, to improve water supplies, and develop eco-friendly mining practices all welcome visitors.

You can get an idea of the wide range of landscapes here by visiting the official National Parks site. Parque Nacional Torres del Paine, in Patagonia, is one of the most spectacular in South America. Vertical granite walls climb over a mile high, and you can hike to see turquoise lakes, magnificent glaciers, luxuriant forests and abundant wildlife. Tierra del Fuego National Park is the southernmost protected natural area in the country. You’ll find rugged mountains, rivers, and lakes, and spectacular wild seacoast. Iguazu National Park, on the border with Brazil, is a World Heritage Site, with 275 waterfalls and ancient subtropical forests. offers a range of resources for planning a trip to Argentina.

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