Go Pole To Pole For A Cause

devlin-fogg-sailing-p2p-journey.jpgPole To Pole is an international project that aims to inspire youth with the challenge of travel. They have some well-known names on their advisory board, including Peter Hillary of New Zealand, Conrad Anker of the USA, and wildlife biologist Jane Goodall. They sent a group of young people on a round-the-world trek in 2000, and have just finished up a selection process for another upcoming pole-to-pole trek, traveling by human power the whole way. The Expedition Team will cross the Northern and Southern Icecaps, sail the Arctic and Southern Oceans, travel by foot, raft, bike through Europe and Africa, and finally reach the South Pole by ski. Advance teams and education teams will provide support. The purpose is to provide inspiration and leadership training throughout the world. The expedition will launch in April.

But it’s not too late for you to take part…. another selection process is starting soon for the second leg of the trip. Go to the Pole to Pole Web site for more information.

via: Treehugger