Japan Halts Hunt on Endangered Humpback Whales

A few months ago Eco Travel Logue reported Japan’s intentions to cull 50 humpback whales and 50 fin whales in addition to their yearly quota of 300 minke whales, all in the name of research – somewhat dubious research.

Good news; after international negotiations this week Chief Cabinet Secretary of the International Whaling Commission, Mr Nobutaka Machimura, announced that Japan have reneged on their slaughter of the threatened humpback, for the time being.

Thanks to Innerspace Visions / James D. Watt

Japan has agreed to remove humpback whales from their hunting list while negotiations with anti-whaling nations continue.

Humpbacks were previously hunted, almost to extinction, until a global ban was put in place in 1966 but whalers in Japan claim the practice is environmentally and scientifically sound and now want to have rational discussions with opposing nations to prove the hunt is purely for scientific purposes.

Many in the international community believe the hunts serve only to retrieve meat to be sold in markets and restaurants.

Unfortunately, the halt does not apply to the 50 endangered fin whales.