Top Eco Destinations in the World for 2008

Have you spent hours searching the web for an eco-friendly holiday that suits your budget or ideals? Then look no further because online travel planning resource, Professional Travel Guide, recently revealed their top choices for eco travellers this year, and they’ve highlighted some real green gems. Here are just a few of their recommendations:

South America



Although offering the same ecological wonders as Costa Rica, Panama is much less visited than its neighbour, making it an ideal destination for those who want to steer clear of the well-trodden path. Spot quetzals flying through the rainforest canopy, book into a private water bungalow or investigate hidden nooks and crannies of Panama Canal.

Hotel Recommendations

  • Canopy Tower Eco-Lodge
  • Coffee Estate Inn
  • Hacienda Del Mar



laos scenery

Home to a vast array of animals found nowhere else on the planet, Madagascar is a must-go destination for anyone obsessed with, or even slightly interested in, the natural world. Lemurs, strange retiles and baobab trees account for just some of the unique flora and fauna entrapped on this wonderful island.

Hotel Recommendations

  • Berenty Lodge, Berenty wildlife preserve
  • Nature Lodge, Amber Mountain National Park
  • Setam Lodge, Ranomafana National Park


St John (US Virgin Islands)

fish st john

Though it’s the smallest of the US Virgin Islands, St John has a remarkably varied landscape. Virgin Islands National Park makes up two-thirds of its landmass, where visitors can hike in deep ravines, over tropical mountains and across arid coastal areas. Don’t overlook the beaches and coral reefs – it’s a Caribbean island, after all.

Hotel Recommendations

  • Maho Bay Camps, Virgin Islands National Park
  • Harmony Studios, Virgin Islands National Park



waterfall iceland

As one might expect from a country whose name is “ice”, Iceland’s landscape is rugged and harsh. Take a hike past lava fields, glaciers and waterfalls and marvel at the wildlife (puffins) and natural wonders (hot springs and geysers) akin to this barren landscape. Visit between fall and spring to catch a glimpse of the Northern Lights.

Hotel Recommendations

  • Hotel Budir, Reykjavik
  • Hotel Ranga, Reykjavik



laos scenery

Visit Laos for a glimpse of southeast Asia as it used to be before the tourism industry exploded. Laos is slow paced so visitors can view the bounty of historic sights and explore the jungle and mountain scenery away from the madding crowds. Bird-watching is excellent and overnight trekking excursions into the hills are available.

Hotel Recommendations

  • La Residence Phou Vao, Luang Prabang
  • The Vansana Plain of Jars Hotel

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