Uganda — Green, but do you want to go there?

The Last King of Scotland,” now in theaters around the U.S., was shot in Uganda last year, and is giving audiences a glimpse of that country’s ecological riches. The African country, long bypassed by travelers worried about war and insurgency, is now trying to attract eco-tourists.

uganda.jpgAnd there is lots of nature there to be seen. “Breathtaking natural expanses framed by distant mist-capped mountains are followed by plunging valleys and rolling hills with cane-row plaits of lush vegetation,” says Janet Tappin Coelho, writing for the Independent Online. “You feel you’ve stepped into Jurassic Park.” With gorillas, lions, elephants, hippos, swimming, canoeing, hiking, and comfortable eco-lodges.

More info: Check out the Uganda Wildlife Authority site. Take a bike tour. U.K. travelers are still being warned away from some parts of the country. Check with your embassy for updates before going there, especially on your own. U.S. travelers, check here for warnings.