Virtual sightseeing with Travelistic

When it comes to whetting the appetite for travel, video has certain qualities that are hard to replicate in print… the colors, sounds, voices, motion all appear right on your desktop, and draw you in. So here’s a taste of Vancouver, with an eco edge … kayaking, exploring the rain forest, and taking a seaplane tour. It’s a good reminder that even urban travel destinations can have an exciting green aspect.

travelistic_small.gifThis video comes from Travelistic, a new travel-video site that is partnering up with BootsnAll. You can upload your own travel videos there, and it’s easy to search for clips from just about anyplace on Earth, just by clicking on a map. Check it out!

p.s. yes, that video screen is a big ugly block of darkness till you hit the ON button. we’re already bugging Travelistic about that and hope to have a prettier vid soon.