Weekend armchair travel, Web-style

images-1.jpgToday I’m driving back to Providence from Vermont, and might not get a chance to post, so here are a couple of my favorite Eco-travel sites to keep you busy till I get back…

Responsible Travel, based in Brighton, England, has hundreds of listings including wildlife travel, volunteer holidays, cycling, cultural tours, safaris, and more. You can search by activity type or location. They cater to travellers who want authentic holidays that also benefit the environment and local people.

My friend Matt, a geography teacher, just came to one of my classes to talk about his travels in Brazil as an Earthwatch volunteer. He caught and tagged wild mice, counted trees full of parrots and macaws, watched crab-eating foxes, saw so many caymans lurking in the rivers that they just seemed normal, and grew to admire the tireless field scientists who work to protect all that nature. The Earthwatch Web site has plenty of travel options to stimulate your brain.

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