Eco Resorts

Staying at an eco resort offers guests the opportunity to relax and recharge the batteries while experiencing an altogether different way of life.

Resorts, generally, cover a large area and offer more than the usual hotel/lodge facilities. Most eco resorts, too, are secreted away in wonderful natural surroundings in an attempt to offer the eco traveller a true green getaway. Some offer spa facilities, exercise programmes, kids clubs, cultural expeditions and nature trips.

Many resorts work hard to achieve a balance with the natural habitat, not impacting too much by their presence and tend to employ people from the local community, key initiatives in providing a true ecotourism experience.

Eco Resorts Featured on Ecotourism Logue

Wilpena Pound Resort, South Australia

Located in Flinders Ranges National Park, four and a half hours drive north of Adelaide, is Wilpena Pound Resort. Nestled in the shadow of the red gums and native pines, the resort offers guests the chance to discover the true Outback. Go horse riding through the National Park, take a guided tour to the ancient gorges, hike through the bush or watch the kangaroos at dusk.

Peanut Island Park, Palm Beach County, Florida

Check in and check out Peanut Island Park. Having recently undergone a $13million refurbishment project, the island’s persevered marine and plant life are just begging to show off their conserved habitat.

Rancho la Puerta, Tecate, California US/BajaCalifornia Mexico (pictured)

The world’s very first destination spa in Tecate, on the Mexico/California border, was lovingly created and designed by two people who firmly believed in habitat conservation, organic farming and sustainable living.