Camp in Comfort with New Eco-Thermo Sleeping Pad

Camping is the ultimate in environmentally-friendly travel, well, that’s if you take all your rubbish with you and don’t make a mess of the site you’ve parked your house in.

To pander to the whims of eco travellers, more and more green gear is being made available in camping and outdoor adventure shops and companies are attempting to come up with better equipment year after year.

Recently, Pacific Outdoor Equipment produced a winner. The company decided to see how eco-friendly they could make their camping products and what started out as an experiment was so successful that it became immediately commercially viable.

Their Eco Thermal Sleeping Pad is the most eco-sensitive and comfortable mattress to come on the market yet.

eco-thermal-mattress.jpgThe dye-free mattress’s outer fabric is made from sustainable bamboo, the valves from recycled aluminium and the cord of the stuff sack is made from hemp. In addition, the Eco Thermal pad is thought to be the first carbon neutral sleeping pad as the creators purchased renewable wind and solar power to offset the CO2 emissions produced as a result of manufacturing and shipping the pads. The Montana based company also plants 1 tree for every 27 mats produced.

It won rave reviews in 2007 and was voted ‘Green Gear of Year Award’ by Outdoor Magazine and given the ‘Editor’s Choice Green’ by Backpacker.

Weighing in at only 610 grams, the pad is light enough to carry in your backpack and comes in two designs – one to suit a woman’s shape and the other, a man’s. There’s also a pad around the feet to add extra heating on the cold, cold nights.

Pacific Outdoor Eco Thermal Sleeping Pad is available online for $130.00