More gift ideas for travellers — and the best gift of all

As much as we might try to buck the consumerist tide, this time of year it’s pretty hard to avoid. So from today’s inbox, some more cool and groovy travel-gift ideas…

The folks at Budget Travel suggest items from the Museum of Modern Art online shop, luggage tags, Moleskine city notebooks with maps, packable sketching supplies, and more. Plus they offer a shopping guide to New York City.

I can’t vouch for the thorough green-ness of all those products, but none seem blaringly anti-eco.

But here’s the best gift of all, from the folks at Earth & Sky and… the gift of hope for the future. “[We] have come to see clearly that the human species can create a better, more rational, more livable world for all of Earth’s inhabitants in this century,” says Deborah Bird at the E&S blog. “And we’re beginning to connect to others with the same vision.” Time to stop worrying about what humans are doing to the Earth, she says, and start fixing it.

And hey, here’s another gift idea….! WorldChanging’s book, A Users Guide for the 21st Century, is filled with ideas on just how to start that fix-up process.